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Get the most out of new bifolding doors. Dorsia gives you or your builder all the help and support you need, buying our chic and modern folding sliding doors.

The precision-craftsmanship of these wow-factor doors enhances any project with style, light, space and quality.

Here's some more information, advice and answers to common questions around these great products.

  • How do I choose the best bifolding door

    All our products come with the same top-end craftsmanship and attention to detail.

    Where they differ is sightlines and overall aesthetics as well as the choice of customisation options available.

    For instance, our Origin bifolding door range is the most customisable. With this product you get to choose every aspect of the bifold, not just the colour and configuration but even down to colour matching the door running gear, handles and even the gaskets.

    Of course, price is a factor in many projects. Therefore, our collection of bifolding doors is carefully selected to meet the requirements of most projects for homeowners or builders.

    Our mid-range products offer all the features but at a more attractive price.

    The upper tier bifolding doors differ in the quality and look of the hardware, some technical features and their size capability.

    Every one of the Dorsia bifolding doors range gives you the desirable options. Low thresholds, flexible opening configurations and even matching single or double doors.

  • What is the slimmest bifolding door?

    Much of what you see on bifolding door sightlines relates to the dimension at the meeting panels with closed doors. This is the critical dimension when you're looking for the slimmest bifolding doors.

    The more panels you have, the more vertical elements you see. As a result, you may want to consider the slimmer bifolds for large door sets.

    All Dorsia bifolds offer some of the thinest sightlines. You therefore get a choice of the slimmest on the market as well as the more classically styled. Our bifolding door mullion sightlines are:

    Visofold 6000 94mm
    Origin OB49, 110mm
    Schuco ASS70 FD 120mm
    Visofold 1000 134mm
    Origin OB-72, 154mm

  • Can I get a low threshold with folding doors?

    Absolutely. However it's worth understanding how bifolding door low thresholds work.

    With most bifolding doors, getting a low threshold involves using the same track as standard doors.

    This is then set according to the opening built. It's also essential to know the height of interior floors and outside decking or slabs.

    We can help homeowners and builders with achieving a low or flush threshold across all our bifolding door products.

    Schuco bifolding doors come with an alternative ramp type threshold that great for pushchairs or wheelchairs, as well as a great alternative solution.

    Origin OB72 and OB49 bifolds come with a low threshold option but this has no weathering and is intended for internal use only.

  • What bifolding door sizes are available?

    Bifolding doors come as two panels up to 8 or more. Therefore, bifolds are suitable for old openings replacing French doors or old patio doors and for new openings at any size.

    When choosing your bifolding door sizes also think about the panel widths.

    The door panel sizes are flexible available from around 400mm minimum width up to 1.5m wide with the Schuco ASS70 FD HD model.

    There are several considerations when choosing your bifolding door panel sizes. The wider the panel the fewer the door leaves and fewer vertical mullions too. This gives you the benefit of larger glass sizes and more light. Fewer panels also means a cheaper bifold.

    The wider the door panel the more it encroaches into the space when fully folded open. So if you've a particularly small patio it may be worth bearing this in mind.

    For bifolding door heights, most of our products come at standard sizes, right up to 2.7m or 3.0m high.

  • Can you help with the best design of bifolding doors?

    When choosing the right design of bifolding door it's important to think about the use. One of these is the traffic door.

    A traffic door is just like a regular door letting you out to your garden and back in without having to fold the panels back each time. It's highly recommended for added functionality.

    We also recommend a traffic door on smaller properties where the bifold is the only back door. Bear in mind most of the year your doors are closed. As a result you'll want the convenience to open the door for ventilation, taking out the washing or letting out a pet.

    Then think about whether you want your doors to slide in one direction or split and fold to the left and the right.

    Think about how you'll use your room, the location of your doors. If you're not sure, get in touch and we can help you.

    The great thing about bifolding doors is the designs possible. Open corner is one great solution for new building projects and of course, you can even have these in the latest steel look.

Origin OB49 and OB72

Smart Visofold



Origin OS77

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