Glass Options and Upgrades

Providing even better door and window solutions

Our glass options and upgrades, let you get even more out of the doors and windows for any property improvement project.

Over and above our high-specification glass, there’s a solution for even better privacy and shading, security and energy efficiency. Or why not create impressive feature or picture windows with decorative, patterned or obscure glass.

glass options and upgrades when buying windows
obscure and privacy glass options and upgrades information

Top brand, glass options and upgrades from Dorsia

With home improvement projects demanding more glass, light and a spacious feel, modern doors and windows provide the right appearance. For when you need glazing for specific rooms, want greater security or improved comfort, glass provides the best solutions.

Dorsia give you access to the most popular glass options and upgrades making your new windows doors even better.

Integral Glass Blinds

Laminated glass for better security

Quieter rooms with acoustic glass

Privacy glass for bathrooms and doors

Get the best glass for new windows and doors

Dorsia provides the ideal solution for better security, energy efficiency, privacy or acoustics.

Save money on retail prices by choosing your ideal glass upgrade or enhancement options, meeting your needs. Easy prices, simply explain and delivered to your home for your builder or installer to glaze with ease.