Acoustic Glass

For homes, flats or apartments in town and city centres or when you want a quieter home, acoustic glass for doors and windows improves the already high specification of standard double glazed units even more.

Available at several levels of noise reduction, acoustic glass for doors and windows is ideal for the front of the property near the main road, busy transport hub, schools or when you simply want a quieter home.

Noise reduction and sound insulated glass

With modern doors and windows getting larger, with views and natural light so desirable, so is the need for the glass in windows and doors to provide better sound insulation. Double glazing while better than single glass doesn’t come with specific acoustic properties.

Choose acoustic glass in your new windows and doors for the entire property or essential areas and benefit from a reduction in noise disturbance.

Smart Systems steel look windows
Making your new Dorsia glazing better and quieter
  • All the clarity and high specification of regular glass
  • Comes as safety glass where required by Regulations
  • Peace of mind quieter rooms
  • The same excellent U-Values of regular glass
steel-look doors in black colour
Glass solutions for homeowners and builders
  • Suitable for any double glazed window or door
  • Easy to upgrade existing recent windows
  • Starts from 24mm glass units
  • Uses acoustic laminated interlayer


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