Enhanced Security Glass

Enhanced security glass is a worthwhile uptrade for your new glazing and especially if you want extra peace of mind, over and above the safety glass provided as standard with our doors and low-level glazing.

Beneficial for private gardens, ground floor windows and especially patio door designs having large glass panels. Enhanced security glass provides added strength and impact protection.

Extra protection for your doors, home and possessions

Using laminated glass your new glazing benefits from improved strength. Even better, laminated glass comes design to hold together in the event of a breakage. So whilst the glass may be broken, there’s no way of getting through it.

The glass features a layer in between the single glass sheet effectively bonding the two and creating a protective barrier. Integrity is retained until it’s replaced.

glass options and upgrades when buying windows
Making your new Dorsia glazing even better
  • All the clarity and high specification of regular glass
  • Safe, secure and offers peace of mind
  • Also provides UV protection
Origin front doors in white and silver
Helping homeowners and builders create better properties
  • Excellent U-Values
  • Suitable for any double glazed window or door
  • Easy to upgrade existing recent windows


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