Integral Blinds for doors and windows

Integral blinds for doors and windows delivery the best privacy and shading solutions. Functional, reliable and low-maintenance, integral blinds sit permanently housed between the glass of your new Dorsia windows and doors.

Designed to work with any double or triple glazed window or door, these blinds solve multiple shading solutions and you don't need to purchase aftermarket blinds. Even better, they retain the contemporary lines of your new doors and windows so you don't obscure them while getting the privacy you need at the same time.

Integral blinds. Never need cleaning, won't gather dust

The convenience of integral blinds and their hermetic sealing between the glass means they always stay clean. No dust, no blowing in the wind and no unsightly cords or wands.

And even if you’ve got existing recently installed windows and doors, there’s an integral blinds solution available, letting you change your glass to the latest blinds.

The best accessory for modern home glazing
  • Suitable for any double glazed PVCu timber or aluminium window
  • Substantial choice of blind colours
  • High quality glass, toughened or laminated in doors
  • Discreet magnets raise and tilt the slats
  • Optional electric or solar-controlled option
  • Can help improve the energy efficiency of your glass
Origin OW80 windows
Buy-direct the latest integral blinds for builders and homeowners
  • The ideal upgrade for bifolding doors and large windows
  • Enhances any door or window
  • Especially suitable
  • Easy fitting, just like regular glass units
  • Full instructions provided
  • Integral glass blinds available to buy direct
Just some of the features of modern integral glass blinds


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