Lantern Roofs and Rooflights

Slimline modern frames, light from above

Lantern Roofs and Rooflights. Style and light from above

The finishing touch to any room and property renovation project.
From 1m up to 6m in size
Highly insulated and built to last
Minimal styling, the design you want

Lantern roofs and rooflights
lantern roofs and rooflights in a new house extension

Bring a room to life with a glass roof

Add impact to any room
Easy to fit to new openings or enhance a flat roof
Slimline bars in durable colour options
Supplied with everything you need for a fast installation.

No better faster way to get a quote for a glass roof

It couldn’t be easier. Choose your contemporary rooflight or lantern based on size, colour, style or brand. Complete your look with the ideal glass for light, sun-protection or self-cleaning glass.

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Flat rooflights and lanterns adding a new look to existing flat roofs or part of a brand new extension.

Here's more information and answers to popular questions about these wow-factor glass roofs

  • About our lantern roofs and rooflights

    The finishing touch to any room and property renovation project. Lantern roofs and rooflights start 1 metres going up to 6 metres or longer and creating a gorgeous setting with these advanced and ultra-stylish glass roofs.

    Cutting-edge design, advanced engineering. Slimline thermally enhanced profiles combine with durable powder coated colours inside and out. Then you have the high specification glass creating comfort, energy efficiency and safety. Designed to make rooms usable all round. Dorsia gives homeowners and construction professionals access to the finest glass roofs.

    Designed to resist the British weather, the Dorsia range of lantern roofs and rooflights lets you enjoy more light from above. Brighter open aspects and the perfect complement to the current designer range of bifolding doors, sliding doors and steel-look patio doors. Minimalist design, sleek lines, impactful and brightening up a room effectively.

    Even better is the aluminium design creating rooflights with a streamlined look. Lanterns without unsightly tie-bars and rods. Rooflights looking virtually frameless from inside the room.

  • Lantern roof design and engineering

    Our rooflights an lantern roofs come with the latest engineering and design for slim lines and maximum performance.

    First of all are the insulated frames working with the high specification insulated safety glass units. Thermally efficient every day of the year, they keep your room comfortable on warmer days and warmer in the winter, while always providing masses of light from above.

    With double or triple glazed units, a minimalist design and always slender lines.

    Rooflights viewed from the inside come with a near-frameless appearance. From the outside you get the neatest glass edges. These are also designed so rainwater doesn't pool at the edges and effectively runs off the rooflight.

    Lantern roofs come with the same excellent design and specifications. Thin, strong, durable and insulated, they don't have the unsightly tie and support bars of other lantern roofs.

  • What are the sizes, sightlines and features of lantern roofs?

    Atlas lantern roofs are not only one of the best, but designed for the minimal looks and modern styling today's home improvement projects demand.

    First of all are the strong yet thin roof bars at just 40mm where other products are 65nn or more. Even better are the ridge and rafter sightlines, again slimmer than other roofs on the market.

    Viewed from the inside, these roofs come with a neat design without rods and supports. And all the sightlines remain consistent throughout.

    U-Values are excellent with around 1.2Wm2K depending on the glass specification you choose.

    For larger sizes that do need reinforcement, this is designed to integrate seamlessly with the design.

    Lantern roofs come at standard sizes of

    1000mm wide
    1500mm long
    2000mm long

    1500mm wide
    2000mm long
    2500mm long
    3000mm long

    2000mm wide
    3000mm long
    4000mm long

  • Sizes and details of flat rooflights

    Add even more style to any property project with sleek and near frameless rooflights. Available as fixed or opening, these come as square or rectangular designs with no bars and one impressive piece of double or triple glazed safety glass.

    The design of these rooflights sits flush with your internal plaster. Supplied fully fabricated and ready to fit, installation is fast and simple.

    Use these rooflights for flat roof extensions, improving a dated flat roof as well as flat or pitched versions. These also provide solutions where, for instance, height restrictions prevent the use of a regular lantern roof.

    You get the great near-frameless looks, impressive 1.3Wm2K U-Values and advanced seals and glass.

    Sizes Available:
    1000mm X 1000mm
    1000mm X 1500mm
    1000mm X 2000mm

    Glass options include Ambi Blue (Self-Cleaning), Ambi Neutral (Self-Cleaning), Ambi Clear (Self-Cleaning)

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