Atlas Lantern Roofs

Architectural quality Atlas lantern roofs promise a transformational room, and the create the wow-factor in a new extension. They're also perfect for bringing a staid flat roof to life. Slimline insulated aluminium profiles, high specification glass and a great range of colour create statement piece glazing, filling a room with light from above.

Dorsia makes buying Atlas lantern roofs easier than ever. Buy direct and get your builder to fit. Supplied with full instructions, easy to assemble, even easier to fit into an existing or prepared opening. We give you everything you need to buy faster, better and saving money on your property renovation project.

Atlas lantern roofs. The finishing touch to a new extension

Contemporary, desirable, long-lasting and looking stunning. Atlas lantern roofs come in standard or bespoke sizes and with the very best in aluminium design and technology.

Fully weather-resistant, super slim and with contemporary square lines. Benefit from the latest in roof design with no unsightly support bars and substantially slimmer than other roofs on the market. Best of all is how easy these roofs are to order and fit. We supply homeowners or building professionals everything they need for a precise and easy installation with no fuss.

Lantern roofs and rooflights
Atlas lantern roofs in white

The best aluminium lantern roofs for the home

Make the most of the natural daylight every day of the year with Atlas lantern roofs. With half the bulk of other roof lanterns, every roof comes with the latest engineering and design and provides genuine architectural-grade glass roofs. Made with a similar design to high-rise facade glazing, the sightlines are reduced, the glass panels larger and more light comes into the room.

And for the builder, it’s one of the best roofs to install, provided with everything required and including full instructions on assembly and glazing. No waiting for a quote. Instant prices and lead times available.

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Slimmer, better more modern lantern roofs
  • Modern or traditional design
  • Quality safety glass with self-cleaning option
  • Low U-Values give excellent thermal performance
  • Effective solar heat protection
  • Any size starting at 1000x1000mm
  • The best views from above
Aluminium lantern roofs designed for the builder and fitter
  • Three rafter depths
  • Flat or moulded external caps
  • No boss or hood required
  • 40mm slim ridge and rafter sightline
  • Roof pitch from 17 to 35 degrees
  • No Tie bars up to 2.5m
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