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Top quality glazing without the complexity

Welcome to Dorsia Home. We are your specialist online suppliers of high quality doors, windows and architectural glazing systems.

Dorsia provides an exciting new way for homeowners, builders and installers to work in partnership with a one-stop supplier of the latest glazing products, bifolding and sliding doors, windows and doors. Our comprehensive range of home improvement products takes the headache out of extensive research and understanding brands or systems. We’ve got the latest products available direct.

It couldn’t be simpler. No more waiting for prices, lead times or installation schedules. Everything you need to buy windows and doors for your home or a new extension under one roof. And we also help you compare brands and products with none of the confusing sales messages of home improvement installers. Our unique service puts you in complete control of any property renovation project.

Our extensive product range now comes in an easy to obtain product catalogue, price list or brochure.

How Homeowners benefit with Dorsia

Buying your new doors and windows has never been easier. A genuinely better and innovative way for you to buy without the confusion, lead times or complexity of the retail route.

  • Tell me how it works

    When buying your new bifolding or sliding doors, aluminium windows or any other glazing, the perception is you must buy from a familiar home improvement company because they have to fit and provide the necessary warranties and peace of mind. You don't.

    At Dorsia, we give you access to the same as well as exclusive modern glazing systems direct.

    Then your builder or chosen installer fits.

  • Am I getting the same quality?

    You get exactly the same products you see in home improvement showrooms with out the extra cost or lead times.

    All our products come from the UK's best manufacturers and suppliers. Origin, Cortizo, Smart Systems, Reynaers and Schuco. The UK's best brands sourced from the same quality manufacturers but available direct to you.

    We can also provide the same glass choices, colours, accessories and more.

  • I'm worried my builder can't fit doors and windows.

    Inn our experience most competent builders are capable of installing doors and windows - and many have.

    We've got all the support, advice and processes in place to help your builder fit the doors just as well as any door and window fitter.

    Of course, some products are super simple to fit, others require more expertise and skill. We help you through every step of the process so you can make an informed buying decision.

  • What about FENSA, CERTASS and my guarantees?

    With our service you get the same manufacturer warranty a regular window firm gets.

    The difference is you don't need FENSA to certify installations as many would have you believe.

    Get in touch and find out more. Your glazing is Building Regulations compliant and your project easily signed off.

  • Why should I buy from Dorsia?

    Not only do we have many years experience in the glazing industry, we've also discovered what our customers want.

    Better prices, faster lead times and not relying on the busy installation schedules of the retail route, often waiting up to 12 weeks.

    Our products come you you significantly faster than the retail route and lets you complete your project in a more connected way.

  • What if I still want installation?

    If you would rather a dedicated installer fitted your glazing we can help.

    Get in touch and we can wor with you on the fitting aspect of your project.

How does it work?

Let the catalogue be your guide

Get the information on what products are available, determine what will best suit your project, see prices for all options.

It's a great way for connecting homeowners and builders, letting them work together for a better and faster end result.

Homeowner? - Check that your builder is happy!

Most builders can also install doors & windows, or know a team of installers that can.
We provide fitting instructions, section diagrams etc. to make life easy for your builder / installation team.
In most cases, your builder / installation team will confirm the final sizes for manufacture and provide all details needed to place an order.

Builder / Installer? - Check that your client is happy!

Time is precious, momentum is everything. Give your client easy-to-understand information so they can make informed decisions on what products they want (so you can stay on schedule).
Include your fee for preparation & installation. If you’re at the quoting stage, use the catalogue to save hours of wasted time chasing various suppliers for quotes for different options

Email or call us to place an order and get the ball rolling