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Origin OS-77 Sliding Doors

The best contemporary sliders for homeowners and builders

Choose your opening method, straight sliding or lift and slide
Available in standard and grand slider sizes
Door mullions start at just 20mm – super thin
Secure, weather-resistant and energy-efficient

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When it comes to today's on-trend sliding doors, Dorsia gives you or your builder the right products and all the help and support you need.

Slim, precision-crafted, with exactly the look and feel you want for any property project.

Here's some more information, advice and answers to common questions around your new sliding door.

  • What makes Dorsia sliding doors different?

    Designed with any property renovation and building project in mind.

    The finest brands of luxurious, contemporary and ultra-slim sliding doors. Get the perfect look. Create dramatic moving glass walls. For door openings large or small. Dorsia sliding doors come perfectly styled and with the security, energy-efficiency and protection you want.

    There's no better product designed for the largest glass sizes and the most amount of natural light. At the same time, our doors give all the required features.

    Smooth sliding, flush thresholds, lift and slide operation and endless colour choices. All set off by gorgeous designer door handles and the high performance safety glass.

    Dorsia gives you access to the best sliding doors, faster, better and saving you money.

    Top brands, best design and all the size, price and options information you need. Dorsia help you benefit with the buy-direct route.

    All the trade benefits are available to the homeowner or builder today.

    With flexible sizes, numerous configurations and a choice of sightlines. Choose a new sliding door from Dorsia and get the latest look. From minimal frames to art-deco or steel look or bold frame lines. Our easy to order aluminium sliding patio doors also come at virtually any configuration or colour.
    We help you choose the ideal grand slider based on your precise requirements. Choose a model based on prices, lead times, sightlines or specifications when you download our comparison price list or catalogue.
    Every door comes with meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail. Perfect for replacing dated patio door or adding a statement piece door set to a new extension or building project. Our top brands promise a better, brighter, more vibrant room. Smooth sliding, always reliable, highly secure and easy for your builder or chosen installer to fit with minimum fuss and all help and instructions provided.

  • Who makes the slimmest sliding doors?

    When it comes to the desirable slimline doors with minimal lines and maximum glass, our Cortizo product is the slimmest available.

    With mullion sightlines of 20mm, there's no better sliding door on the market for minimal looks, maximum glass area and giving you the today's look in modern extensions.

    However, we also know that not every project suits a minimal sliding door. Therefore, we provide even greater choice with our Smart Systems and Reynaers sliding doors. Just as modern but with a more flatline and bold look.

    These sliding doors have sightlines starting at 35mm. So you still get the reduced frame, more glass and better views. Of course with the glass, it's toughened and very energy efficient, helping lower heating bills.

    Here's a rundown of our mullion sizes on our sliding doors.

    Reynaers CP130 sliding doors 69mm or 98mm

    Cortizo 4700 sliding doors, 47mm

    Visoglide Sliding Doors, 35mm or 86mm

    Cor-vision Slim Sliding Doors, 20mm

    Origin OS-77 Sliding Doors, 77mm

    Origin OS-44 Sliding Doors, 44mm,

    Patiomaster PVCu Sliding Doors, 55mm

  • Can I get a low or flush threshold with sliding doors?

    Yes. For any new opening, we help homeowners and builders achieve the flush or very low threshold.

    The first stage is you and your builder understanding the height of our door tracks and we provide you with this information when you get in touch with us.

    It's then helpful to know the height of your floor inside the room and any outside decking or slabs. This information ensures the doors come at the right sizes and the builder creates the right opening for the doors.

    We work with builders and homeowners ensuring everyone's aware of what's required to get the flush or low threshold. Your builder will also need to provide suitable drainage outside so any water coming down the doors drains away correctly. Acco drains or the the Aquabocci R47 External Barrier system are two types of drainage system that work great with sliding doors and low thresholds.

    And of course, you still get all the water and weather protection.

  • What are the best sliding patio door sizes?

    The great thing about patio doors like these, is they come at the smallest sizes right up to big panels up to 9 metres square.

    The maximum sliding patio door sizes depend on the product.

    For our slimline Cor-Vision sliding doors. Up to 3m wide and 3m high

    The modern Cortizo 4700 sliding door, up to 2.5m wide and 3.0m high

    Visoglide sliding doors. Depending on the frame sizes, up to 2.5m wide and 2.5m high

    Reynaers CP130 Sliding Doors up to 2.7m wide and 2.7m high

    Origin OS44 or OS77 sliding doors, up to 2.2m wide and 3.0m high

    Patiomaster sliding doors, up to 1.5m wide and 2.36m high

  • What styles of sliding doors are available?

    Working with your choice of sizes, sliding doors come in two, three, four or six panel designs.

    As well as this, you've the option of different tracks, depending on the number of door panels.

    For instance, a two panel door comes with the option of one fixed and one sliding or both panels sliding. Perfect for giving you the choice of which door to open to suit your home and wishes.

    Three panel doors come on a double or triple track. Here you've got the option of two panels sliding behind the end fixed panels, the end doors sitting open in the middle. You can even get a triple track allowing all the panels to slide.

    Don't forget, many of our door models also come with the option for fixed or open corner designs. A wow-factor new extension with two sides opening up, revealing a fully open room.

    Finally, our slimline doors come in a desirable steel-look style with slimline bars. Get the heritage, Scandi, Hygge or art-deco look that's on-trend today.

Origin OS-44 Sliding Doors

Origin OS-77 Patio Doors

Cortizo Cor-Vision slim sliding door

Cortizo 4700 contemporary slider

Patiomaster Sliding Patio Doors

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