Trade Supply Windows and Doors

A better way for builders and the trade

Finally, a better way for the trade to buy doors and windows

For the builder, installer and property professional, Dorsia provides an innovative and improved way to buy trade supply windows and doors. Easy access for the trade to the widest range of brands, meeting your customer’s budget, design wishes and giving you improved sales opportunities. No more dealing with multiple suppliers and ways of doing business.

Dorsia helps the trade with the peace of mind of one reliable and expert supplier across the UK’s most desirable doors and windows. You don’t need to offer your customers the standard products. Dorsia provides you with the sought after doors, windows and steel look systems reliably and at competitive prices.

We’ve extensive experience of dealing with construction and property professionals. Finally the service you need from your doors and windows supplier.

How Dorsia helps builders and the trade

For construction professionals and the wider trade, Dorsia provides access to trade supply doors and windows better. As well as this, we open up new opportunities for your clients as well as better margins for you. Here's how it works.

  • Tell me how as a builder I benefit.

    If you've ever struggled to buy doors and windows direct before, you know how frustrating it can be.

    Often you can only go down the trade counter route that never gives you the choice of products your clients want. Your clients will often say, 'this is not the product I've seen and want'.

    Dorsia lets you buy the sought-after contemporary glazing direct. No more dealing with installers and their margins and you've access to more products than ever before.

    We are here to help you provide your end user clients with today's slimline, desirable brands and look. This opens up more sales opportunities for you.

  • Will i get better prices and lead times?

    Because we're set up to serve you directly, you get better service than the general trade route.

    Large manufacturers often work with their best clients first. Other manufacturers won't deal with a builder, only window companies.

    If you want to get the best access to products your clients want, we are here to sell.

  • I've not fitted many doors and windows before. How easy is it?

    Our philosophy is simple. Your clients trust you to build their home or extension and you know it won't fall down!

    It's the same with doors and windows. We give you everything you need for a smooth and professional installation, with help and guidance along the way.

    We're sure once you get started with us, you'll love not relying on installers to fit windows and doors for your clients.

  • Aren't some products more complicated to fit than others?

    It is true that large bifolding or sliding doors spanning four metres or more, do need a particular level of expertise.

    Again this is where we can help. Talk to us and you'll be well informed as to whether you can fit a particular product or more expert help is required.

    With all our products you get instructions either directly form us or available online.

  • How does it work me dealing with the client for doors and windows?

    It's easy. When your client gets in touch about their new extension or renovation, one of the questions of course relates to the glazing.

    Now you don't need to point them to another company. Show them our catalogue, point them to our website and they'll instantly see the products they want.

    Then there are two choices. They can buy direct and you fit. Or if you're set up already selling doors and windows, you now have access to a bigger and altogether better range than before.

  • How do I get prices and lead times?

    Get in touch or download our catalogue and price list for our standard colour products, sizes and designs.

    You can compare prices based on product, brand, design, colour or size.

    For anything else, get in touch and we provide you with a fast quotation by return.

How does it work?

Let the catalogue be your guide

Get the information on what products are available, determine what will best suit your project, see prices for all options.

It's a great way for connecting homeowners and builders, letting them work together for a better and faster end result.

Homeowner? - Check that your builder is happy!

Most builders can also install doors & windows, or know a team of installers that can.
We provide fitting instructions, section diagrams etc. to make life easy for your builder / installation team.
In most cases, your builder / installation team will confirm the final sizes for manufacture and provide all details needed to place an order.

Builder / Installer? - Check that your client is happy!

Time is precious, momentum is everything. Give your client easy-to-understand information so they can make informed decisions on what products they want (so you can stay on schedule).
Include your fee for preparation & installation. If you’re at the quoting stage, use the catalogue to save hours of wasted time chasing various suppliers for quotes for different options

Email or call us to place an order and get the ball rolling