Buying doors and windows, Dorsia way

When it comes to buying doors and windows, it’s usually the case we visit a local or well-known home improvement showroom. For years, we’ve come to accept only one way to find the doors and windows we need. Buying doors and windows the Dorsia way gives you more control and saves you money.

buying doors and windows

Buying doors and windows better with Dorsia

Home improvements and specifically home extensions and renovation projects are more popular than ever before. Rising house prices, stamp duty costs, the ‘don’t move, improve’ message. Just some reasons why we continue to add space and value to our homes.

Another reason is changing trends. For more than ten years bifolding doors continue their popularity, opening up out homes, whatever their sizes. Now sliding doors, particularly with slim lines, are as popular as a bifold. Even more prominent today is the phenomenal popularity of heritage, steel-look, and contemporary glazing. So what does this mean for you the homeowner and builder?

So what does this mean for you?

As glazing evolves with better style, security and energy efficiency, so do the choices and the confusion.

  • Homeowners need reassurance they’re buying what they see online and on renovation projects.
  • Navigating many different brands, that are actually the same product.
  • Construction professionals need better access to the doors and windows their customers want.
  • Lead times are getting longer

Above all, everyone wants four things from their property renovation or building project.

  • The right products giving the right end result in looks, performance and functionality.
  • Projects completing smoothly without delays due to lead times.
  • All parties involved working together seamlessly
  • Saving money if possible.

Here is where Dorsia comes in.

Homeowners: Trust your builder

The reality is you don’t need to go down the traditional retail and ‘home improvement showroom’ route when buying doors and windows. Builders and homeowners both benefit.

You trust your builder to build you a home or extension that won’t fall down! So if you trust them with the structure, why not trust them with fitting your doors and windows?

The reality is most builders know how to fit doors and windows or know someone who can. Take advantage of this knowledge, get your glazing faster than retail and save money.

Builders: Better trade access to doors and windows

Another reality of the home improvement showroom route is finding the products you want. And many retailers don’t sell them.

For instance, an area with more traditional houses than new build homes means installers selling more traditionally-styled doors and windows.

Every business is different and many simply choose to sell what they want, not what you need. Builders and homeowners, therefore, struggle to find the products they want locally. We’ve got exactly the products you need, because we’re in touch with what homeowners want and builders need.

Builders and homeowners: Faster service, better prices.

Today’s home improvement market is buoyant. As a result lead times are longer. No more waiting 8-12 weeks getting your new doors and windows fitted. We buy direct from the manufacturers and virtually all our products come at the fastest lead times.

How quickly you get your new glazing fitted is now between you and your builder!

Faster, better projects buying the Dorsia way.

Looking at buying doors and windows for your project? Get in touch today. Dorsia has the latest on-trend aluminium doors and windows. Get the style, look and feel you want for property projects, saving time and money.

Contact us today and let us quote for your property project.

Published on April 18, 2021